Do you ever wonder…

Do you ever wonder how many photographs have been taken that included you without your knowledge? Maybe one ended up on an Instagram feed, or perhaps in an advertisement or newspaper or a friend’s official wedding photo collection? I don’t mean in a creepy or dodgy way. Just photographs we happened to be in or were taken for some … More Do you ever wonder…

In the Everyday

“And, if you’re a coffee lover, there’s a place you must go to – it is called “CORALLO” and it is located at Principe Real – the very best coffee in town can be found there!! :o)” This was the message I received from the Airbnb host I had just booked to stay with in Lisbon … More In the Everyday

What do they see?

You know the view is going to be a good one when you see the reaction of those ahead of you who have reached the summit. Hands lifted to shield eyes from the sun. Cameras clicked, clicked, clicked. Bodies still. Voices hushed. All eyes gazed in wonder at the canvas before them. What do they see? … More What do they see?

A very odd collection of best-ofs from 2016

I have come to greatly value the internet, especially social media, for the way in which it provides a space for people to share all manner of ideas, resources, suggestions and the like. Over the past year I have enjoyed a plethora of videos, articles, books, songs, artists and shops – plus much more – that first came … More A very odd collection of best-ofs from 2016