We have a cat called Alfie. He is one cheeky cat. One of things he often does is poke his head through the banisters on our stairs. It’s quite a picture (for us, at least!).

Anyway, he did this again last night. My Dad was in the hall doing something or other, and Alfie decided to pop his head through the banister to observe what he was doing. Knowing how much this makes us all smile, I tried to grab my Dad’s attention before the moment was gone.

‘Dad!’ No response.

‘Dad!!’ Still no response.

‘Dad!!!’ There we go! And just in time, as it wasn’t long before Alfie’s curiosity was satisfied and he wondered off.

This brief episode caused me to wonder at the times God has tried to grab my attention, yet has struggled to get through. Perhaps it’s an aspect of creation – the early morning sun or the gorgeous view from my bedroom window – that reminds me of His loving, gracious and creative heart.  Perhaps even it’s that piece of music I enjoy listening to, which offers a glimpse into the mystery of God.  Maybe it’s taking time out to see how people coming together in community – sharing life and loving each other – offers an insight into the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit working together in unity. Or, as a proclaimed people-watcher,  reflecting on how different and unique we all are, and how infinite God is in creating us all this way. And in reflecting on people around me, those I know well and those not so well, I am reminded that these are individuals I can learn from and appreciate, encourage, serve, pray for.

Seeing our cat poking his head through a banister may mean nothing to some people. And that’s fine, great even, because we’re all different and sometimes the things that God’s wants to show us are personal to us, such is His love and desire for relationship with us.

Each day brings another opportunity for God to say, ‘Tim, Tim, Tim…’ And when I hear that I know He’s got something to show me – something exciting, necessary and worthwhile.

I just hope I am listening.


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