Our Moment

I am sometimes prone to looking at the watch and imagining how that meal or party is going. ‘Just nudging 7pm, the guests will be arriving. Hugs shared and pleasantries exchanged.’ At other times, my scrolling thumb halts at the picture or tweet or status that informs the world of a meeting or gig or trip.

Oh to be there and in those moments, rather than the more routine and uneventful nature of my own moment. There is where the action is, not here.

Or is it?

Don’t mistake me, it is a perfectly good and right thing to think on and celebrate what others are doing. But we do ourselves a disservice when we think on it too much or with the wrong perspective, that we fail to realise that God values our moment just as much as the moment we are longing to be in, however mundane or alone our moment seems.

God is in the heart of our moment.

Above the clouds in a plane. In a room with only boredom for company. In the office with a to-do list as endless as a Twitter feed. God is there. Looking elsewhere may cause us to miss out on its treasure.


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