It was around 10pm. I had just eaten dinner at a lovely restaurant where my company was a delightful mixture of pizza, quiet background music, friendly waiting staff (one of whom wore a cracking flat cap) and Anne Lamont’s Bird by Bird. I was walking through the small square-shaped park that sat immediately outside of the restaurant. The air was cool and the atmosphere warm, as the gentle hum of chatter, passing motorists and crockery clanging from nearby restaurants played. I could have walked on but I wanted to linger for a little while longer. I found a bench and sat. Before long a dog caught my eye. I am no dog expert so I could not say what breed this dog was, only to say that he was very small, not overly furry and very cute. What struck me about this dog was what to me looked like unbridled excitement at playing fetch. With eyes utterly fixed on their owner – first the owner’s eyes and then the hand that held the ball and then all over again – and its small tail wagging incessantly, this sweet little dog could not wait to get running after that precious ball. And even after one, two, five rounds, the dog’s enthusiasm never wavered. I was so impressed. And then I began to wonder if God was giving me a picture of how things should be in my relationship with Him. Amidst the routine of days and the burdens on shoulders and the tragedies of life, have I too often let my attention drift from God’s eyes and some of the balls that He is eagerly waiting to throw? I think I have. Life throws at us all sorts, a whole lot of which can keep the smiles at bay. But whether our day is good or bad or somewhere inbetween, I am reminded that God never takes His gaze away from His children and in His hand is always a ball or two that He cannot wait to throw amongst the parks we find ourselves in. I don’t know exactly what those balls will look like, but what I do know is that each is good and uniquely handmade by God for us, and ready to be thrown in just the right places. That is certainly something to get excited about. So, with all that in mind, I am off to play some fetch…


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