Bruges, Amsterdam + Ghent, through the lens

Two years ago family from the Netherlands visited. During one conversation in our kitchen I threw out the possibility of me visiting them, a trip that would involve shorts stays in other nearby cities. And I would drive (I’ve never driven on the continent).

Now if I am being honest, though excited by the possibility of the trip, a tiny part of me wondered whether it would end up being another one of those plans that fades into oblivion. I’ve seen it happen all too often.

Like me do you also find it tempting to view some dreams and ambitions and plans with a heavy dose of scepticism? It will never happen. Too much to do. Too many obstacles. Too expensive. But they can. And what is remarkable is that to make things happen sometimes all that is required is a few small decisions here and there: send a WhatsApp message to family or friends, look at prices online, book days off work, get out the map, don’t buy another take out coffee and instead save some pounds.

On their own these are so small, requiring minimal effort, and yet over time they conspire towards something cool happening. And then one bright autumn day, standing atop a ferry with the wind from the English Channel hammering sweetly against your face, you’ll whisper to yourself, ‘Oh yeh, it can be done.’

Here are a few photographs (using a Fujifilm x70) of my sojourn in Belgium and the Netherlands…








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