Lacock, through the lens

I headed to Lacock last Monday (Spring bank holiday) thinking that it would be its buildings or quaint streets or afternoon tea at King John Hunting’s Lodge (seriously good) that would leave the big mark. After all that’s why I was heading there in the first place. But instead it was a gentleman who struck the sweetest chord. I was taking some photographs and he strolled into view. He looked so content, just taking in the streets and sounds. Realising he was in my picture he offered a friendly smile. I lowered my camera and returned the gesture. A couple of minutes later I noticed him quietly hold back from the rest of his party to make sure an elderly gentleman, who was slowly crossing the road with a heavy bag of shopping, was okay. It was touching. I saw this gentleman only briefly, but he seemed to me to be a chap simply enjoying the day, breathing in the life of every moment, whilst keeping a watchful eye out for others. A winning combination.

Below are a few shots of my afternoon in Lacock. The streets were a hive of activity with many people visiting the village for the scarecrow trail. All pictures were taken through a Fujifilm x70.







6 thoughts on “Lacock, through the lens

  1. Glad you had a good time in Lacock – you were very brave to visit on a Bank Holiday! Love your photographs – might have joined you had I known there were scarecrows around. Look out for the ones in Chiseldon – there is a Facebook
    Page if you’re interested. M xx

    1. I actually thought it would be relatively quiet! How naive of me! Thanks for the tip. They seem a fun activity. Look forward to catching up again soon in Old Town!

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